6 Ocak 2012 Cuma

This video is my first descriptive video. Also, I did it on my own.So, it's a little bit hard. Because if you want to record such video, you need other personas a recorder,who can records and you need another person who changes the cards while you are speaking. I mean, for recording such video, you need at least three people. At the begginig, I thought it's not very difficult and I decide to make on my own. It seems very easy but not very much in reality. So, I got help my roommate for recording. Still I need someone else, but I don't have. Thus, I speak and change cards while I am speaking. My project come out by this way. It is a little bit hard but it aslo is a great experience for me. I think, I can keep to record such videos in the future and I can use these videos in my lessons.